The past little while, I’ve been feeling pretty guilty because it’s been so long since since I photographed Posey!
She’s getting so grown!  I can’t believe how much she’s been looking like a little girl and not a baby.
Julie Martin from ZoZo Bug Baby(click here to check her out) recently sent me several new outfits,
so it was the perfect excuse for me to take Po out for a shoot.
Julie also sent Posey a bamboletta doll!  She LOVES it!!
Julie makes clothes for the dolls as well.  What can’t she do??
It was a beautiful day today, so me and Po went out for a couple of hours and had some fun.
Also, check out Bella Donna by Katie for the great Bella Bit’s Po wore in her hair!

I’m not good at keeping secrets, so I might as well spill the beans…..
In August we are planning on going from a family of 3 to a family of 4!!!
God has given us the opportunity to adopt a newborn baby girl.
The whole story is just amazing, but I want to wait and share it with you once everything is final.
Just keep us in your prayers that everything will continue to go smoothly,
and that both birth mama and baby girl will be happy and healthy!