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Millie, I want to brain dump too.

One of my great friends Millie taught me this thing called “Brain Dump”. I thought tonight would be a great night for that.

-I’ve been out of town for over a week, and I miss my Posey and Hansome Kel. Weeks like this are hard. They make you evaluate your life. Am I a good mom? Am I a good wife?

-I threw up on the plane home from Connecticut. It was miserable. I wanted to cry….i’m pretty sure I did.

-We’ve been finished with our new house for over a week, but we’re too busy to move in. The day I arrived home, kelly boy left town for flying school.

-Yay for kelly boy getting a pilot job. boo that he’s gone for a week to learn the plane.

-I think I’ve neglected my dog pixie since Posey’s been alive. She looks at me like she’s sad.

-Never brain dump after a glass of wine.

-I’m going to be 30 in less than a month. I’d really hoped to be in my skinny jeans by 30.

-I’m thinking when your baby is 8 months, it’s no longer baby weight, but mommy weight.

-hmmm, should I move my studio to my new pretty house.

-Posey says dada, but not mama. Please say mama, please say mama.

-Do I work too much?

-I really need to blog.

-I really need to excercise.

-I really need to read my bible.

-I really need to sleep.

-Not necessarily in that order.

-I miss singing. Am I going to loose it if I don’t use it?

-Why the hell did I cut my hair?

-Both my brothers are moving back into town. One from Maryland, and one from Alabama. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to see them again. You forget how important family is until they aren’t around.

-Is it bad that I want a $2000 couch? Pretty sure Kelly boy won’t let that happen. Ivan Smith, here I come.

-If you are reading this, leave me a comment telling me what makes you happy today.

-I’m wondering right now if I’m being too vulnerable…..don’t judge me.

-I really need some sleep…..thanks for reading this, It means alot

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