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Want to win something? …like a spot to the upcoming November 2008 Love Affair Workshop in San Diego, California?! WE ARE GIVING AWAY A SCHOLARSHIP FOR A FREE SPOT! Here’s the deal… Send in something, ANYTHING, that has Love Affair in it. It can be an essay, a picture, a video, a poem, ANYTHING. The only requirement is that it has the words “Love Affair” are in it. We dare you to be creative! Send your submissions to by August 22nd and YOU could be the lucky winner of an awesome workshop spot for free!! (and YES, if you are already registered, you can still apply.) What you will win: 1 spot at the workshop. To read more about this completely amazing learning experience from 4 women in photography, go to All you have to pay for is your hotel, flight, and meals and we’ll take care of the price of the workshop and the fun! Although we don’t expect you to do the same thing that last year’s winner, Shannon Montez, did we did wanted to give you a little peak of how this girl warmed out hearts and tickled our senses so take a peak below!

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