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Thanks toJennifer Longaway for the above photos

I’m sure many of you have been wondering where I’ve been all week! I ran off, and forgot to post about LOVE AFFAIR. I was hoping to blog this past week during the workshop, but after all day of teaching, we were exhausted.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with LOVE AFFAIR, this is a workshop that me and 3 of my best buds started about a year ago. We saw a need for a workshop that concentrated on helping women balance their photography and their lives!!

You can click here to view our LOVE AFFAIR BLOG.

We have updated it so you can see some of what went on this week.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this past week as well as thank everyone who made it possible.
First of all, Millie, Lauren and Davina. I can’t imagine my life without these 3 amazing women. When we first decided to move forward with this project, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I don’t think we could have found 4 women that were so opposite of each other, yet so perfect together!! It’s amazing, though, b/c we never fight. You know how women are, so it has to be a God thing that we enjoy each other so much. I look forward to every preview trip as well as every workshop, because I can’t wait to spend time with these girls. Each of us has our unique strengths, and the cool thing is they are all different, so it works out perfectly. I love you girls. Thank you so much for the wonderful week. Thanks for putting up with me, I know it’s not always easy

I also wanted to thank all the women that attended this workshop. Thank you for putting your trust in us, and listening to what we had to say. Hopefully, this week wasn’t just about photography. I hope that all of you were able to take something away that will benefit you in your life and your photography. Whether that was friendships with other women from across the country, a plan to simplify your life, finally tackling how to use your camera, creative flash, posing, or just having a vacation with a comfortable bed. We really enjoyed meeting each of you, and getting hear about you and your lives. Please keep in touch!

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