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looking back | Kelly Moore Bag

looking back

I thought it would be fun to post some images of myself over my lifetime. Most of you have seen fairly recent one’s, so i decided to mainly post when I was little. It was really fun going back through these! Wow, some of my hair choices weren’t necessarily the best! I’ve had a really great 30 years, and I hope to have at least 60 more!
My Birthday
I went through most of my life thinking I was crosseyed as a baby. Just recently, my mom said it was just this particular photo. Hmmm, you’d think the photographer would have weeded this one out!
The whole fam…such a handsome bunch.
I’m hoping this was in style???
Yet another priceless mullett photo

chiclets or teeth….not really sure!
I won the pumpkin carving contest.
You’d think I would have learned the first time that short hair really doesn’t work on me. This was also the phase where most everyone thought I was a boy.
We were a band. We rocked!
Just a random shot from my freshman yr in college.
The day I tricked handsome Kel in to marrying me
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