I’m one of those people who are all or nothing.  Whether it’s a diet or cleaning my house or cooking or whatever. I’m all in or I’m all out.  Needless to say, as for blogging about my life, I’ve been all out for quite a while, which is pretty sad, because I’ve had a lot to tell about!  Did you know I had another kid?  Yeah, since I last blogged, I birthed our 3rd child.  Well, technically, I birthed my second, but it’s our third, so you know what I mean.  I’ll share a few pics of her below.  She’s amazing!  Her name is Esther Brownlee, she’s 4 months old, has better hair than Elvis, and smiles more than any kid I’ve ever seen.  My friend Katie May once told me that you love your first and you enjoy your second.  Well, if that’s true, you are full on smitten with joy and googoo for your third.  We didn’t even know we needed her and now I can’t imagine life without her.

Chapel, who is almost 2(I can’t believe that) is amazing as well.  You probably remember her adoption story, but if not, you can watch it here.  The last 2 years have been like a fairy tale for us.  If you could imagine someone giving you the most amazing gift of your life, totally unexpected and undeserved, that’s what it’s been like having chap.  She’s our little happy, blue eyed, dimple faced dozer(we call her dozer because she’s as tough as a bulldozer).  Did I mention she’s brilliant.  I know everyone thinks their kids are brilliant….but she really is!  She can say anything, and understand anything.  She’s compassionate and funny and beautiful, and strong.  About 2 months ago, we had the chance to get together with her birthmother Candice for the first time since Chapel was born.  Again, I can’t express how perfect it was.  When you think about this scenario, most people cringe and assume there were tears and awkwardness.  There were tears, but only of joy.  It’s been so wonderful to continue our relationship with Candice.  She was so proud to see Chapel.  To see how much she’s grown and how smart she is.  I couldn’t ask for a better baby mama.

Posey is almost 6 and as much of a fireball as ever.  She will start kindergarten in the fall, and unlike most parents who dread it and cry, I’m thrilled!  This child needs people!  She is incredibly social, not to mention she minds her teachers much better than she minds me.  It’s been so fun watching her be a big sister to Chapel & Esther.  I think she thinks she’s their mom rather than their sister.  She’s so grown and so perceptive and witty.  Posey loves to dance and sing and with her there is NEVER a dull moment, like ever.

On a personal note, in the last year we’ve purchased & renovated a 100 year old building in downtown Ruston for the New Kelly Moore Bag Headquarters & Store(I’ll blog photos soon).  We’ve renovated our bathroom, built a chicken coop and filled it with chickens(which has been a lifelong dream), I had a baby, I’ve become more of a cook, we now eat paleo(I’ll most likely start posting recipes…I think my instagram followers are getting sick of my paleo recipes!), I started doing crossfit(yes, I drank the kool-aid) and my backyard was recently featured in the August issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine(I’ll blog this too).  It’s been a busy year.  Probably the best so far. I love my life and my family, and It’s a shame I haven’t shared more of this with you.  I’ll try to do better….promise

Here are a few pics from the past year!