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Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve posted any photos of Posey!  I’m actually ashamed
These are a few off the cuff shots I grabbed this afternoon.  I promise, soon I’ll get her
all dressed up and give new photos to look at.

As many of you may know, our little family picked up and moved to Arkansas for the summer.
My husband is a pilot, and his life long dream has been to be an ag pilot, so when the opportunity
presented itself, we decided to go for it!  I’ve been photographing for 13ish years now, so it was time
for me to take a little break.  We rented a fully furnished apartment, so all we had to bring was our
clothes(and po’s toys, of course!)  I can’t believe I’ve been here for 2 1/2 months already!
The time has absolutely flown by.  For the most part, I haven’t touched my gear…I actually
got it out today to shoot a few new pics of Posey and 2 new bags that are coming out in the fall,
and it felt weird.  I also realized that I had left the lens caps off of my lenses for most of the summer…oops!

We have had a really awesome summer.  It has consisted of sleeping in(except for we didn’t have a baby bed to
wrangle our child, and turns out she’s a morning person…booo.  The apartment we rented has a tv in the bedroom,
so I have become well acquainted with early morning cartoons.  Don’t judge.), lots of swimming, Jump Zone,
Chick-Fil-A(awesome indoor playground), and hanging out with my wonderful Conway friends.

I must confess, two weeks in, I had already found a sitter to help out a few days a week.
If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I love being a mom, but I also love my work.
I have such great ambitions when it comes to be domestic, but truth be known, I suck at it.
I planted an herb garden the first week we were here….it’s dead.
Posey, however, is doing well, and I’ve been pretty good at remembering to feed and water her.
Did I mention her Aunt Wendy potty trained AND got her off a paci during a 3 day weekend she stayed with them?
Let’s here it for Aunt Wendy!!!

I’ve found a little coffee shop/diner here that has become my makeshift office.  It kind of brings me back to the early days of my career.
I’ve been busy at work developing new bags for the fall, and trying to have a great customer service departement

I’ve also gotten back into the habit of exercising!  Sometimes it helps to completely get out of your normal to
begin new and better habits.  We’ve been trying to eat less and trying to eat local veggies.  I am still addicted to my Diet Cokes….

I have a really fun Fall planned!  I will kick off September with this years, LOVE AFFAIR WORKSHOP, DALLAS.
October is full of fun new Give Me Moore sessions, a trip to New York City, and November follows with a family trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.

I also just began the process of building a new(LONG overdue) blog!!  Into The Darkroom is building it for me, and I can’t wait!

I think that’s all for now!  Don’t forget about me, and I’ll see you soon!





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