I’m giving away one seat to my upcoming Group Give Me Moore Session on January 19th.
Thanks to the almost 80 people who sent in their entry!!
Please select the person below that you think should win the spot.
You can only vote once per computer, so choose wisely.
Now, for all of you that entered, go tell all your friends, family, and blog readers to come vote for you!!
Voting will end at noon on November 13th, and I’ll announce the winner shortly after.

(To view the details of the workshop, please click here)
(To view the original post with the rules for this contest, click here)

If you sent in your entry, and you don’t see it below, please let me know ASAP.
Also, I typed all these names very very late at night, so I apologize for any misspelled names.
Please email me asap if you’re name is misspelled, or if you’re name and photo don’t match up