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Kelly Moore Bag: UPDATE

Kelly Moore Bag: UPDATE


I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on here at Kelly Moore Bag!  Thanks to all of you out there,
I sold out of 4 colors only 1 month after our first shipment arrived!  I hate to keep you waiting,
but it’s a good problem to have.  As soon as I realized that the bags were going fast,
I put in my order for the second shipment.  The new shipment of bags is scheduled to arrive mid May.
I reopened pre-orders last week, so those of you who want dibs can go claim your favorite color now

I’ll reopen pre-orders for the purple bag soon.  I’ve decided to change the material of the purple bag,
so I’m waiting for my sample to arrive so I can get it on the site for pre-order.

I also need to eat a little crow.  I was planning on trying a new zipper top for this next round of bags,
but when I received the latest sample with a zipper…I hated it
So all that to say, I’m sticking with the snaps!
(I am however going to be adding shoulder pads for those of you who’ve requested them!)


For those of you who are waiting on the Man Bag…now affectionately called, the “Kelly Boy”(this is what we call my hubby)…it’s almost here!
I was hoping to have it ready for my next shipment in May, but we are still working out a few details with the fabric, so it might be June.
I’m really sorry to keep you waiting, but I’ve been wearing this puppy, and I LOVE IT!  It will be worth the wait!
I’ll be adding the “Kelly Boy” to the site soon for pre-order.


The B-HOBO is the latest bag I’ve been working on!  It’s a smaller bag that’s a little less intense.
It’s perfect for wearing on shoots when you want to carry minimal gear.
It’s also the perfect bag that will cross over from your photography world to your everyday life.
I’m sooo excited to get this on the site soon so you can pre-order it!
It too should be here in May, and you will love the new colors!



Thanks to all the people who made it to the booth at WPPI to say hello and check the bags out!  We sold out of all our inventory in only 2 hours!


Thank you all for helping me spread the word about the Kelly Moore Bag.
I believe it’s been such a huge success because you took the time to blog, tweet and facebook about it!
I wanted to let you know that the discount for spreading the word will be ending soon!
If you haven’t used your discount, please use it by Friday March 19th, 2010.


Many of you know that the bags went on sale for WPPI for only $199.99.  Due to the huge response,
I’ve decided to extend this price forevermore






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