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Kelly Moore Bag Spotlight: The Posey 2

Kelly Moore Bag Spotlight: The Posey 2




Our Posey 2 Bag is small but full of surprises! Designed to be worn with the handle up or down, it’s perfect for the photographer who takes the minimalist approach. The Posey 2 is a great bag to wear while traveling if you want to carry your camera and a few other necessities. You don’t even have to carry a separate wallet because the Posey 2 pocket gives you quick access to your cash, credit cards, and CF cards while keeping them safe on you at all times.

The Posey 2 is also the ideal bag for a working photographer who only wants to carry a couple of lenses on them while they are photographing. No more running back and forth switching out lenses and cards; you can have immediate access to your gear!

Being lightweight and slim, the Posey 2 is comfortable and can be worn messenger style or as a clutch. Like all our bags, it’s beautiful, so no one will ever know you are carrying your camera!

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The Kelly Moore Bag Team

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