I had the huge privilege of teaching a few weeks ago at a Jobal Arts Camp.
My long time friend Libby Gifford has been dreaming for years about starting an art camp
for teens that will help then explore and learn their talents through the arts.
It was so cool to see her dream materialize into reality!

Libby asked me to teach a class on photography.  I’m not going to lie, I was much more
nervous having to teach in front of teens than I ever get with adults   I wasn’t sure how
they would react to what I had to say, much less the photo scavenger hunt I’d prepared for them.
My nerves quickly faded as they jumped right in, asking questions, and contributing their ideas.

We finished our class off with a scavenger hunt that took us around town looking
for interesting things to photograph and challenging us to be creative.
This was all made possible thanks to Adorama Camera!
They were kind enough to donate 15 Fuji Instant Cameras as well as the film!!
This allowed us not only to have a scavenger hunt, but each kid was able to
take a camera home so they could keep practicing what they learned!