Jennifer is getting married in 1 week! We are cutting it close, waiting so late to shoot, but sometimes, circumstances come up, and we just have to roll with it
We had SO MUCH FUN yesterday. It was just the two of us, so we were relaxed, and open for anything. Yesterday’s shoot is a great example of getting yourself out of your comfort zone. We ended up starting to shoot around 5:30, which is pretty late for me. Rather than get nervous about the light we had left, I decided I would take advantage of it. You’ll see that towards the end, we were able to capture some really rockin shots b/c it was getting dark. All that to say…..push yourself to get something new and different. Use every opportunity….especially the ones that take you away from your comfortable “natural light photography”, to experiment and do something you’ve never done before.

Here are a few from yesterday:

Jennifer’s fiance’ is in the National Guard, and Is about to learn to fly helicopters, so she wanted to get this shot for him.

This shot was taken just second before the next shot. This is a great example of the different looks you can get by changing the light source and a couple of camera settings!