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Jason & Melissa | Kelly Moore Bag

Jason & Melissa

I heard a rumor that I had gone into labor because I hadn’t blogged in a while! Well, it’s not true….Posey is still hanging in there. I’m 2.5 weeks out, and I’m ready!
I had the pleasure of photographing Jason and Melissa’s wedding on the 1st. Jason and my Hubby(aka:Handsome Kel) have been best buds for a while now. They are from a tiny place called Crowville, and they also roomed together in college. I had actually planned on taking maternity leave before their wedding, but I just had to shoot it!! Melissa told me her mom had been praying for quite a while that I wouldn’t deliver before their wedding Her prayers did well…I was able to travel to Memphis, shoot, and travel home with no troubles.
These two are such a great couple. They love the Lord so much, and you can tell that in everything they do. Their ceremony was such a sweet one that was completely focused on Jesus.
We even had time to go out after the reception and shoot some. I know I’ve said this before, but to all my future brides and grooms…I highly recommend this!
Here are a few of my favorites:
Warning: Don’t forget to potty before you put on your dress!

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