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Its a Girl!!!! | Kelly Moore Bag

Its a Girl!!!!

After 20 weeks of suspense, we finally had our appointment this morning to find out what we were having. I must admit, I felt like it was girl from the beginning, so I guess mama knows best
It was so amazing to watch that baby jump around like a wild banchee! It was actually hard to get a picture of her because she was so wiggly. Everything looked good, she’s growing right on track, and her little heart is beating like a drum.
Here are Posey Collins first photos!

This was the 4d ultrasound, but it was hard for it to focus because she was so wiggly

I’m sorry baby girl to show your junk to the world, but I had to show the proof!

P.S. I went and bought a tiny pink bow today… first purchase for Posey

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