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It’s over :( | Kelly Moore Bag

It’s over :(

I can’t believe week 1 of our LOVE AFFAIR WORKSHOP is over! With months of planning, it never felt like it would get here, and now I’ve blinked and it’s over.
We have had an amazing week. Quite honestly, it has been better than I ever could even hope it would be. I’m sure you can imagine….40 women….full of passion…..tears…..estrogen…!!!!
We just finished our finale night, and I want to post pics, but I can’t b/c it’s still a secret for week 2 girls
I can’t wait until you get here girls. We’re just getting revved up, and we can’t wait until you’re here.
The fabulous and beautiful Lauren Clark shot a few shots of Posey and I yesterday that I wanted you guys to see. I’m a stinkin photographer, and I haven’t had any real photos taken of me and Po.
Thanks Lauren!

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