Introducing the Daniella Tote


I’m thrilled to introduce our new bag, the Daniela Tote.

To give you a little bit of the back-story….
For years I have had the goal of designing the perfect slouchy tote. Several times we tried, but we could never quite create something with a good balance between a slouchy material and the structure of our signature baskets.

After the weekender launched, many of you asked for something smaller and lighter. It became obvious that it was time to make this smaller, slouchy bag a reality!

We kept trying and thanks to one of our designers, Daniela we found the perfect leather and construction!

This tote, named after our designer, Daniela is the perfect combo of size + slouchy leather and still has great functionality.

The leather is like butter! It has a velvet-like texture (same as new Clutch Carry-all) and has aged and broken in beautifully since I’ve been testing it out. Because it's so soft it does scratch easily, but that hasn't bothered me one bit.

In the design process we decided to use a convenient magnetic closure for the top opening. This created the perfect “wear while you work” bag with it’s a quick in and out while you’re shooting. The top 4 magnets to close the tote are super strong.

This is like the weekender’s little sister. It’s much smaller, lighter and a more relaxed structure. It’s been the perfect accessory for weddings or day shoots. I can get in and out quickly and it holds all I need without weighing me down

I hope you’ll love the Daniela Tote as much as I do!

— Kelly 

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