Ok, so I’m not the best cook in the world(or even my home for that matter).
In an effort to become more domestic and get creative with my families summer meals, I’ve decided to try and cook more lately.
I’m doing ok, but I’m horrible at finding good recipes!
I search online, but I never can make a decision, and I’m worried it won’t turn out, so i just don’t try.
I need your help this summer!

Post your favorite recipes on your blog, then leave the link in the comments area below.
If you don’t have a blog, you can email it to me: kelly@kellymoorephotography.com
It can be anything…salads, entrees, desserts, or anything in between.
If I choose your recipe, I will not only cook it myself, but I’ll feature it on my blog, and send you a $25 gift certificate to Target.
My goal is to choose 3, so I can do one for each month this summer.
Now go get your grandma’s best recipes and help me out!
Deadline to submit your entry is: June 3rd, 2009