I’ve been tagged!

Evidently there is a new trend going around called being “tagged”. I’ve been tagged by my good friend Davina. If I understand the game correctly, If you are tagged, you have to tell 8 facts about yourself, then tag 8 others!

Ok, here I go!

Fact #1: I sucked my thumb until I was in 5th grade :0

Fact #2: I don’t cry much. My husband says you have to poke me in the eye to get me to cry.

Fact #3: I’ve been to Istanbul Turkey twice. I spent several months there over one of my summers in college.

Fact #4: I’m a HORRIBLE house keeper. I never clean, and don’t cook much either. I actually have someone who comes once a week to clean the house…..pittiful, right?

Fact #5: Me, my husband, and my father-in-law have the same name….Kelly Clark.

Fact #6: After my first date with Kelly, I told my mom he was “too serious”. Little did I know what I had in store for me!!! He turned out to be my perfect match. He is the farthest thing from serious!

Fact #7: My degree from college is in vocal performance. I wanted to be a rock star for as long as I could remember. About 3 years into college, I realized that wasn’t happening. That’s when photography found me

Fact #8: I’m going to give birth to a sweet little baby girl in about 5 weeks……I’m can’t wait!

I’m tagging:
Melissa Breedlove
Anne Lord
Kevin Beasley
Jason Cohen
Mark Eric
Jason Domingues
Josiah Kennedy

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