I had the best weekend!! I didn’t have a wedding this weekend, so to celebrate our 5th anniversary, we headed to Dallas to have a little vacation. Kelly surprised me with reservations to our favorite restaurant, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. If you’ve never eaten there, it’s the best steak you will EVER put in your mouth. He even had pink roses waitng for me at our table! The card said, “Pink is for girls…two to be exact”. I’m not an emotional person, but I still teared up.
We spent the rest of our time in Dallas looking for bathtubs, sinks, fixtures, and ideas for our new house. Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned…..like we don’t have enough on our plate right now…..we’ve decided to build a new house!| It’s crazy what being pregnant makes you do.
Here are a few shots of us driving, and me testing out bathtubs(the most important part of my new house)

My Favorite, isn’t it beautiful!

And yes, I was pushing it out as far as it would go for the picture!

Isn’t he cute

Me, Handsome Kel, and our first child, Pixie

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