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Home Sweet Home | Kelly Moore Bag

Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, as of last week, I moved my office from a downtown location in Ruston to my new home. All I can say is NO REGRETS!! I am enjoying being here so much. I’m able to see Posey more often, I’m able to keep up with my office work better, and I’m able to actually enjoy my new home!
It’s still not completely decorated, but I wanted to give you an idea of where I’m working now.
Here are a few shots I snapped the other day. The layout is pretty much open, so we don’t have any wasted space. I love it.

Here is my actual office. I haven’t had time to get things on the walls, but you get the idea. Brandi and I were able to make a quik trip to Dallas last weekend to visit IKEA.

Our quaint breakfast area

I love the feel of the kitchen. It turned out just how invisioned

Po enjoying dinner

Our living room. I didn’t think I was a sectional kind of girl, but this one was calling my name! It’s seats like a bizzillion people, and it’s sooo comfy!

You can see my curtains that aren’t made yet If you know how to sew…please let me know! I’m trying to find a seamstress.

I had the glass tile for the fireplace picked out before we decided on house plans.

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