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After much anticipation, my brother Russell, his wife Morgan and their new papoose, Remy have finally made the decision to move home!!! They have been living in Huntsville, AL for years now. Truthfully, I didn’t think they would ever return to Ruston, but God has called them back here for whatever reason, and we are so so so excited to have them home. It’s funny what you take for granted until you don’t have it anymore. With the return of my youngest brother Ross, Brandi Howard(aunt B), and now Russell, our family is now together again, and I believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Russell is a stylist, and has owned his own salon, RUSSELL MOORE SALON, for the past few years. With his business being so successful in Huntsville, it was a HUGE step of faith to move home. He just sold his salon, and will soon be taking up residency at Ruston’s own, HAIR STUDIO.

Russell’s first day back will be Sept 23rd, and he is now taking appointments. If you are local, and you are looking for someone who will “rock your hair out”, I promise you, Russell will not disappoint.

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