Is it too early to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving?  I’m usually the slacker mom who brings goodies to school in a Wal-mart bag.  This year, I’ve made friends with a few of the other over achiever moms and have succumbed to the peer pressure.  Kelly Boy said it’s good peer pressure  My mom was always really great about making sure I had really cool creative things to bring to school, so I guess it’s time I step up!!

I am thankful for so many things this year.  My family, my health, my home, my customers, my business and soooo much more!  Everyday I thank God for allowing me to breath clean air and have clean water to drink. I never want to take for granted even the smallest things that seem so ordinary to us.   Thank you all for a great year, without you, I wouldn’t be able to live out this dream.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be thankful for what you have.

What ARE you most thankful for?  Leave me a comment and share!

The second pic is me and a pumpkin my mom helped me make for class one year.  I think I won the pumpkin contest.  Mom was great at being creative….not so great at haircuts.