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Happy Birthday Posey!

Posey will be a whole 1 year old on October 3rd. I will be out of town for a wedding, so we had her party this past Saturday. It was a happening time! I don’t think I was able to talk to anyone b/c I was so engrossed in taking pictures the whole time. I know her outfit is a little over the top, but I just couldn’t help it! The skirt was from me, but Aunt B and MeMe made the shirt, so you can’t put all the blame on me.
Here are some from our fun day!
Of course, my mom did the cake. Didn’t she do an amazing job!! Check her out:

Some of Posey’s peeps. I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone!! I didn’t even realize it until just now, how many people I didn’t get!!

Yum! Ju Ju makes the best cakes!

One of Po’s friends, Siriana, gave her a photo of the two of them…..can you tell she liked it??

Po’s party dress.

Cuz Remy is the coolest!

Daddy spent all day Saturday putting together Po’s birthday present…a swing.

Our little Fam. Thanks Tim for getting this shot for me.  Wonder who Posey looks like??

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