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Happy 2nd Birthday Chap!

Happy 2nd Birthday Chap!

Happy Birthday Chapel!!!  I’m so proud to have this girl.  2.5 years ago, our lives changed FOREVER when we were introduced to Chapel’s birth mom.  Once we met her, there was not one second that we doubted our decision to adopt Candice’s soon arriving baby.  I remember Candice saying several times that it just felt like she was carrying our baby,  like she was never actually hers to begin with.  We know this is the truth, and that when God created Miss Chapel, he created her a Clark.  She could not be any more Clark if our blood ran through our veins.  

In her short 2 years, Chapel has done nothing but bring joy to our family.  She is beautiful and kind and smart and funny and pretty much always a joy to be around.  Every day, I find myself staring at her, in awe of how blessed we are that she’s our daughter.  On the whole planet, of all the families that could have had her, we were chosen to be her parents.  It’s amazing and almost too much for my human brain to handle.  

I love you Chapel and I so proud to be your mom!

If you’d like to read about Chapel’s adoption and watch our little documentary, click here.

(Thanks to Social Bites of Ruston for the fabulous cake!!)



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