Hello all, and a Happy Happy 2011 to you!! I’m excited about this new year and all it will hold.
What better way to celebrate this wonderful new adventure of a year than by winning cool stuff, right?

This giveaway was first intended to be a 12 days of Christmas, but it turned out we were moving and everything
I owned was in boxes, so I decided to make it a New Years giveaway!

This giveaway will last for 5 days,
Monday, January 3rd at 12:00 Noon(CST) – Friday January 7th @ 12:00 Midnight(CST).

Over 40 different prizes have been donated for this giveaway, so it’s going to be awesome.
At the end of each days contest, I will choose 4 winners- 1 for the Grand Loot(at least 7 prizes per day!)
& 3 others will win gift certificates to really cool places as well as another Kelly Moore Bag of the winners choice.


There are 3 ways to enter:

1) Leave your name and email in the fields provided and you’ll be entered for the day’s grand giveaway.

2) Make this your Facebook Status: “Go check out Kelly’s Blog today www.kellymoorebag.com/mooreblog and enter to win an @Kelly Moore Bag ! www.kellymoorebag.com!!”
(I added this entry today Make sure to put an @ before Kelly Moore Bag and it will link to the Bag Group Wall!
This will enter you to win a Kelly Moore Bag of your choice(this bag is in addition to the Grand Giveaway!!)

3) Leave a comment under the day’s post(not this post…the post for each specific day) and you’ll also be entered to win Gift Certificates to some of
your favorite places to shop(Target, Starbucks, V-Chocolates, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, etc)

4) Leave a comment for the vendor’s who are giving away the prizes on their Twitter/Facebook(you’ll find their link in each day’s post).
This will enter you to win awesome gift Certificates!

Stay tuned for the contest to begin!!!


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