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Gone Swimming | Kelly Moore Bag

Gone Swimming

Being that it’s my birthday week, I’ve been trying to take off. Yes, I do have lots of work to do and yes, I am procrastinating
Monday, Morgan(sis-in-law) Remy(nephew), Posey and I went swimming. Posey LOVED it. She went at it for 2 hours.

Here are a few from our fun day.

I think this is my favorite…Remy….big pimpin’

P.S. I’m down 9 lbs today!!! I’m a long way from my skinny jeans, but I did fit back into my “fat” jeans. I’ve decided everything is relative. I used to be sad to wear them, now I’m glad to be back in them

P.P.S. I’m having a great week. Isn’t life great?

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