This Wednesday, I held my latest Group Give Me Moore Group Workshop.  I had 8 wonderful students who traveled from all over to hang out and learn about all things photography.  We had a very laid back day with great food, great conversation, and lot’s of learning!

I LOVE being able to share what I know about lighting and photography, and I LOVE watching lightbulbs go and someones face lighting up when the “get it”!  It was also encouraging to watch some who arrive tired and burned out, leave exhilarated to try new things in their work.

Here are a few from the day….


Thank you to all my wonderful students who spent the day with me!
Thanks to Songbird of Ruston for the beautiful duds!
Thanks to Rodeo’ Boutique for the clothing as well!
Thank you Stormie Robinson for whipping up this incredible do!  You are the master!
Sarah Diaz, the makeup was perfect!  You are an artist.
Heather from Social Bites of Ruston, breakfast was delicious!  Thank you for making it happen!
Josiah & Stephanie, thank you for letting me boss you around  Couldn’t have done it without you!
Thanks to Russell Moore for allowing us to use RUMO’s to prepare our lovely models!
Thank you to our lovely models, Valerie, Anna-Rose & Erica.  You  were wonderful!