Terri visited  us from the U.K. bearing European chocolates, 7 1/2 months pregnant and fighting jet lag.
To say that she is a trooper is an understatement.
We spent the day reminiscing over Love Affair, talking about children and lighting.
Thank you Terri it was such an honor to have you travel across the world to visit me, I hope you had a great time!

We had the unique opportunity and privilege to shoot Kelsey Bourg as our model yesterday.
You might remember Kelsey as being the winner of Dance Wars a few years back.
Kelsey is a local gal who is back home visiting and graciously agreed to model for us!
Special thanks to Kelsey’s mom, Debbie, who allowed us to invade her dance studio,  Debbie’s Dance located in West Monroe.
Kelsey’s amazing hair was done by non other than the AMAZING Stormie Robinson of Dazzles Hair Salon.
Kelsey’s clothing was provided by Rodeo’ Boutique in downtown Ruston.
Thank you so much Brandi for the amazing styling of yesterday’s shoot I have run out of things to say- simply awesome!

We experimented with light yesterday here are a few of our favorite images from the day.img_1860