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Give Me Moore…..Sally

Give Me Moore…..Sally

Yes, Brandi, you where right!
You laughed out loud when I said I would wait a few days to blog these.
You know me too well!
Sally and I spent the day together talking about how to stay creative in this big bad photography world.
We then had the chance to go test out our mad skills!

Thank you Sally for stopping by little ole Ruston to spend the day with me!
Brandi, as usual, you outdid yourself.  It was magical.  I absolutely couldn’t do it without you.
Katie May….uhh, you rock!! Thanks for the amazing Bella Donna, the location to shoot, and your muscles and sweat to help get ready for this shoot!
(click here to check out Katie’s other fabulous Bella Donna’s)
Jarod and Erin, thank you for modeling for us.  Your love for each other is so evident.


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