I just finished a fulfilling week with 3 GMM sessions, a bridal session,  and an engagement session!
It’s been a week full of photography talk, and lots of experimenting with amazing models!
Jill drove in today from Tulsa to spend the day with me.  Over the past several years, Jill and I have become great friends….so much so, I didn’t clean my house for her today
It was great catching up on our lives and our photography.

Soooooo…..Brandi was taking an aerobics class, and literally came home crying one day that her instructor was a bad mama jama, and had kicked her booty.
Long story short, we decided to ask her instructor Kate to model   And yes, she does wear her makeup this way when she instructs!

Here are a few from our day.   Jill, thanks for everything!  You’re the best!  Kate, you rocked it out today!  Brandi, I couldn’t do it without you