The lovely Mrs. Jan Schill visited me today from Durango, CO!!
It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I have someone
who is willing to travel so far to spend the day with me!
Even before we met, I knew we were going to get along really well,
and of course, I wasn’t disappointed.
I kept telling her we better get back to the subject of photography,
or she was going to be upset that we talked about personal stuff all day!

Most people visit me to dive right in to learning off camera flash,
so Jan was different than most.  We spend most of the day talking
about posing, composition and using the existing light to it’s fullest.

Thanks Jan for a great day full of great conversation!
Thanks to the beautiful Katie Hipp who modeled for us today.
Thank you Morgan for the great wardrobe and styling!
(Click here to find these outfits and LOTS of other goodies at Morgan’s store, Songbird)

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