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Give Me Moore…..Group Session!

Give Me Moore…..Group Session!

This past Wednesday, I had my first Give Me Moore Group Session.  The session sold out, and I had 8 wonderful women here at my home to have a day of photography.  I really enjoyed the comfort of all these girl being in my living room!  We had a relaxed day jam packed with photography goodies.  We spent most of the afternoon out shooting.  Thank you to our lovely models, Jessica and Josh Grammon & Christa Fanasci.  They did a great job.
Also, I apologize for just now blogging these.  Literally the moment  all of the girls left on Wednesday it was down hill!  I’ve been on my couch sick for 4 days, and as my husband so eloquently put it, “If you ain’t bloggin’, then I know you’re sick”.  I’m feeling better now
















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