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Give Me Moore…..Courtney

Give Me Moore…..Courtney

Courtney traveled all the way from Columbia, S.C.,
with a bag of snickers and a six-pack of diet coke in hand …and I knew it was gonna be a great day;)
Courtney is also a Love Affair Alum, and I was thrilled that she wanted to come see me again!
We had a blast talking about all things photography.
Brandi, you always impress me with your ability to create something beautiful out of almost nothing…
even with the shoe-string budget I give you-you amaze me.
Special thanks to the Folden Family, especially Jake who was recruited
for the Kelly Moore Photography Moving Team-today would not have happened without you.
Thank You, Katie Crandall of Rode’o Boutique in Ruston, for providing all of the beautiful clothes for today.
Stop by and tell her you saw this on the blog;)
Thank you to the lovely Lauren, you are truly a beautiful girl both inside and out-you did an awesome job!
And thank you to Katie May for providing the unique “Bella Donna” headpiece-it was so perfect!

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