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Give Me Moore………Andrea!!! | Kelly Moore Bag

Give Me Moore………Andrea!!!

Last Friday, Andrea traveled here from the big city of Dallas to be my first guinnea pig for my new Give Me Moore workshop. Right off the bat, we hit it off. She is a drama queen just like me, so there was not a moment of silence all day! She came ready to learn with about a thousand questions. Our 8 hour session flew by as we covered every topic you could think of. We were hoping to be able to shoot outside with our model, but the weather was horrible. It turned out for the best, b/c we ended up going to a local church and working on our indoor lighting for most of the afternoon.
I would like to thank Andrea(and Lisa, her buddy who made the trip with her) for trusting me, and letting me be myself. We had a blast, and I can’t wait to see how her work and her business improve from here!
Andrea asked if I minded if she wrote me a small testimonial to let people know about her experience….and of course I told her I’d love that Here is what she had to say:

The first fifteen minutes into my ‘Give me Moore’ workshop I realized that my life in photography would be changed. Kelly Moore’s gift of teaching and ability to take my photography skills to a new level was nothing short of amazing. I must confess this workshop is not for the prideful. Kelly took the time to review my portfolio, my equipment and asked me tons of questions about my desires in photography. She was not only candidly graceful, she immediately started training me and it was hand’s on! After one day of her walking through my portfolio, my equipment wish list, lighting, my camera, a ‘mock wedding’ in a real church with a model and then to giving me her most simplified workflow pre/post processing…I was blown away. Bottomline, Kelly Moore poured out ten years of her seasoned experience in my one day workshop that will not only prevent years of struggle but will further my photography passion, technique and ability to see a subject in a whole new light.

Thank you Kelly for making me a rock star!

Andrea Hughes – Denton, Texas


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