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Family Swim Center | Kelly Moore Bag

Family Swim Center

Posey’s new found love of sounding like a motorcycle!

No daddy, stop kissing me!!

Today has been such a relaxing day. I got in from Baton Rouge pretty late last night, and I was pooped. This morning, we went to church, then we came home and took a much needed nap. In all the hustle and bustle, I completely forgot my friend Kasey’s baby shower!!! Kasey, I’m sooo sooo sorry I’m such a dufas. I want to take you to lunch this week to make it up to you!
All while I was forgetting about Kasey’s baby shower, I was spending time with my sweet babies(handsome kel & po) in our new “Family Swim Center”. It’s pretty high class…..$30 at Walmart. We’ve had some serious fun this week in it.
I realize that most of my posts of Posey have been naked lately, but I just can’t help it. She’s a country baby, and it’s so dang hot! I’d be that naked if I could get away with it;)

Also, while I was being a really crappy friend, and forgetting the baby shower, I happened to check my facebook. I got this message from Donald Page, which made me smile. I decided I needed to share it with you guys.

Hey Kelly! I just went to the Blu website and saw that you were nominated for girl of the year or whichever it was. i didn’t really look i just voted for you but really why I was writing was because I saw on the messages someone called you the “pride of Louisiana” which I thought was funny because that is what they called Brittney Spears in her most popular time in some pepsi ad i think. not that you aren’t just as cool as brittney spears, cause i like you better, just thought that was a big compliment and by sharing you would hopefully join me with a funny chuckle at the analogy! lol anyway… thats about it, just wanted to share. hope all is well! see ya


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