I recently had someone comment on one of my posts telling me of my unprofessional ism in talking about things other than photography on my blog. They requested that I put a disclaimer on my blog warning people, so that those who don’t agree with me wouldn’t be offended. So, this is my disclaimer:


I might talk about things on this blog that are politically incorrect. I will most likely talk about my faith, my family, my thoughts, my political views and occasionally I might have meltdowns and spill my guts for all to see. I might say an occasional curse word, and I might use incorrect grammar, so if this offends you, beware. And lastly, I might post photographs of brides, and seniors, so if this in any way makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read any further.

On a serious note. I hope that the things that I say on this blog aren’t interpreted in the wrong way. My posts are simply my views on how I try to live my life. I’m called to love my neighbor as myself regardless of race, religion, political party or socioeconomic status. Besides, what fun would it be if we all believed the same things?? This world would be one boring place! Thank you all who continue to read and comment. I enjoy being challenged, and having the opportunity to engage in healthy debate.

One last thing…..I don’t censor any comments that come my way. I think if I post something controversial, I need to have the guts to hear what people have to say about it.
HOWEVER, in the future, all comments left without a name will not be approved.