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Davina Fear’s “The Familyness Photo Workshop”

Davina Fear’s “The Familyness Photo Workshop”



What if we were already enough?

What if the way your life is right now was already super cool?  What if we weren’t measuring our life against the awesome photos of that super cool instagrammer and her family?  What if we weren’t thinking: as soon as I get this photo shoot edited I’ll be a good mom? What if we weren’t trying to be that perfect mom/family in our head?

What if everything we want to be and everything we think our family needs to be–already was?

We have so much in the world showing us what awesome people do, what super cute families look like, what happily married couples say to each other.  It’s all over Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and now, The Vine.

Cute people and cute families doing cute things bombard our lives and from what we see, we take it back to our own lives, our family, our home, and we deem ourselves not enough.

Our families don’t look cute all of the time.

Sometimes we are overworked and overstressed.  And WE don’t look cute all of the time.

That’s why I created The Familyness Photo Workshop

Because you have a story.

And it’s awesome.  And it’s not always cute.  It’s real.  And it’s amazing.  And it’s yours.

Whether you’re a mom who just got a camera or a pro photographer that is stressed to the max and the last thing you’re thinking about is picking up your camera to take a picture of your own family…or you’re somewhere in between…this workshop is for you.

I believe this workshop can change the way you see your life and the way you see your own familyness.  When that changes…you’ll begin to see the magic of your own story.

Because I think The Familyness Photo Workshop is that important, I’m giving away a seat at the next workshop.


To enter for your chance to win a seat AND a Kelly Moore Bag of your Choice, just comment in this post and let us know why YOU want to take the workshop.  The winner will be announced 24 hours from now.

AND all Kelly Moore followers get a Kelly Moore discount code when you sign up for the class:  KELLY25 (25% off the workshop until Saturday)

The workshop begins in the comfort of your own home on March 17th.  You can see all of the details and register here.



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