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D-Day!!!!! | Kelly Moore Bag


Today is the day…..Thanksgiving is over, and two months have passed since having Posey. I’ve enjoyed every bite!
Today, handsome Kel & I darkened the door of our local Weight Watchers meeting. I have ALOT of weight to loose, but my first goal is to loose 20 lbs before my Love Affair Workshop in February.
So you ask….why are you telling us this??

Reason #1: I need accountability! I thought I’d be more likely not to cheat if I announce to the world my goals.
Reason #2: I’m issuing this challenge to those of you who need to lose a few also.

Here is the challenge:

*Send me a before photo of yourself along with your goal. It doesn’t have to only be pounds…it can be fitting into a certain outfit, running 5 miles, or just dropping the weight.
*You have 11 weeks to whip yourself in shape!
*At the end of the 11 weeks, send me an after photo of yourself, let me know how much weight you’ve lost, and how you lost it… photoshop!!!
*You’ll have to be honest since we’re doing this all via the internet
*I’ll decide a winner not only on amount lost, but on how close you came to your goal and your photo.
*The winner(and myself) will receive:
Day 1: A Manicure, Pedicure, Massage & Facial. From there, we’ll have dinner and a movie.
Day 2: A makeover and your very own fashion shoot from yours truly.

Ok all of you Guys & Girls out there who needed a good reason to get started! Now is the time. I need help here, and knowing that I have you guys out there doing this with me will help me hit my goal.

E-mail you photos to:

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