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Closed for August | Kelly Moore Bag

Closed for August

I wanted to let all of my clients know that I’ll be taking off the month of August….with the exceptions of my weddings of course. I’ve finally decided it’s too hot here in good ole Louisiana to be dragging my brides out in the heat of August.
So this means if your wedding is coming up in Sept, Oct, Nov. or Dec. we need to get you on the books for your photos either BEFORE or AFTER August, no exceptions.

This is also a gentle reminder to my clients not to wait until the last minute to book your bridals and engagements. At this point, I’m booked about 6 weeks in advance, so if you call me 6 weeks before you wedding, we won’t be able to fit you in to do your sessions before the wedding. I really love shooting all you guys bridal and engagement sessions, so please please call early

Thanks a ton,

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