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Christmas Traditions from our Team: Mary Arthur | Kelly Moore Bag

Christmas Traditions from our Team: Mary Arthur

We love sharing the Holidays with you. To make this year a little more special we've decided to share from our hearts a few of our tips and traditions to make the season bright.
Check back on the blog every Friday in December for a new post.


Here's one today from our Happiness Engineer, Mary Arthur


If there was ever a real life Buddy the Elf, it would be me. Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I used to have a tacky Christmas outfit for every day in December - having children has mellowed me out some…some. I actually have to watch myself or I would be passing out Kelly Moore Bags like Oprah - “You get a bag! You get a bag! You get a bag!” (Kidding, everyone chill. I do not do this Kelly :) ) Christmas just makes me happy, joyful & hopeful - and I find great joy in spreading that cheer to you, too.

Although we have many traditions as a family, one of my most special ones is the day after Thanksgiving. I might be Buddy the Elf but my sweet husband is The Grinch. Not ONE Christmas decoration is allowed out until AFTER thanksgiving. What a fun sucker. No matter how Grinch-y my Michael is feeling that day, we wake up and go find the perfect tree. Before kids (isn’t it funny how that changes you in every way?), Michael and I would drive thru Starbucks and snag us a nice, overly priced Holiday beverage and drive an hour to the tree farm. Pictured above is a photo of me circa 2014 with our 12 FOOT TREE YALL. We went Christmas Vacation / Clark Griswold style. It was epic and I’m fairly certain I peed my pants out of sheer joy when we lit it up.

Again, having children has mellowed me out some and we no longer go big or go home. We now go home, as quickly as we can, with our two children and nice 6 foot delight of a tree. Since the Christmas tree farm is a little far from where we live, we now pack Goldfish and load the kids up and head to the magical Christmas land of Lowe’s. We load our buggy up with lights, garlands, tinsel & more. At some point, a child will melt down, Michael will complain about the prices & someone needs a nap (probably me) but tis the season, right? Look at that face. He is so happy, guys. 



Are you in Louisiana? If you are, then you are #blessed with a drive thru daiquiri business. Yes. You read that right. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round. After we snag our tree & decorations, we drive thru and snag an overly priced Eggnog Daiquiri before making our home into a Winter Wonderland. I wish there was a way to send you an eggnog daiquiri with a KMB purchase. If I could, I would.

From then on it’s a crazy day filled with Michael Buble Christmas Album (I know, #basic), someone breaking an ornament, stringing lights, fixing said lights, hanging stockings, watching Home Alone, staying up way too late and reading Christmas books to our children. It’s a day filled with sugar cookies, cheer, frozen chicken nuggets for dinner and joy. It’s a day I look forward to, and cherish, no matter how many tears are shed, meltdowns are had or ornaments broken. I don’t get many photos these days, but the memories I make with my family on this day are priceless.


How are you creating intentional time this season to spend with your family?

Whether it’s making felt ornaments, baking a holiday staple, taking a family photo in front of your tree or driving to look at lights ----- I hope you take a day, or two, in the midst of chaos to stop and reflect and enjoy with someone you love. Make some memories. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The simplicity in this season is a rare treat.

Tis the Season, after all.

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