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Christmas Traditions from our Team: Anna | Kelly Moore Bag

Christmas Traditions from our Team: Anna

The kitchen and the table seem to be the most popular places to gather this time of year and it always gets me really excited because I love to cook! To me, it's not just a good recipe or one that's been passed down from generations but the experience, the feeling you have when you taste those special dishes that transport you back to your childhood.  It's not only the cooking that I love, but also the presentation that takes those once-a-year recipes to the next level. 


There is something really unique about serving at a beautiful table.  Maybe because it's not often we eat at one and they're usually saved for weddings and really special occasions.  However, in my experience, a beautiful table brings something more than the satisfaction of good food.  It evokes beauty and delights.  Even after days of work in the kitchen, I feel refreshed sitting down to eat at a beautiful table.  I know, I know, It seems like a lot of effort, but, it really doesn't take much money or time to do. Even you do not have a table, try this on your living room mantle, a buffet piece, behind a counter or anywhere in your home that needs some Christmas cheer! If you have some holiday memorabilia, this is great to add in as needed. 

I hope you can use these tips on how to create a beautiful space for your Holiday parties! 

May all your meals be Merry & Bright!

A few things to keep in mind:
1) Find easy affordable resources around you. Anything from wild foliage to river rocks can be beautiful. Simple is easy & always elegant
2) Use the beautiful world of Pinterest to find inspiration :)
3) Find one or two things that make your table feel special / add shine or elegance & just keep the rest natural
How to Recreate this Table
  • One bunch fresh eucalyptus
  • 5 White Hydrangeas
  • Raw Burlap cut into half of the width of your table
  • White Table cloths
  • 8 Simple gold candelabras
  • 8 White tall candles
  • 5 Small pumpkins
  • White Tempera paint
  • Paint brush
1) Paint pumpkins white a few days ahead, leave time for a few coats & make sure they're nice and dry before the event (this is a perfect time to get your family involved and make some memories!)

    2) Order eucalyptus & flowers in season from your local green house / florist
    3) For a clean edge on your burlap runner, pull the 2nd string off from the outside of each edge.  This will leave a clean finish and no need for a sewing machine
    4) Add tablecloths & place runners on top, centered
    5) Place your candelabras on your table first spacing evenly (remember, this does not have to be perfect to be beautiful!)
    6) Begin to add eucalyptus choosing long pieces first all the way down your table
    then, add in shorter strands building out a wide runner. I used some thin wire to attach stubborn pieces together to look nice, just walk the table, look at the greenery from all angles to make sure you didn't miss a spot! 
    7) Add white pumpkins spacing between candle holders
    8) Cut the Hydrangeas only leaving about an 1" on the stem so it can stand up well.  Place on table

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