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Christmas Party at Austin’s

We had a great time last night as Autin’s Bistro. It was good to hang out with all the girls! The conversation was great, and the food was amazing. It was actually my first 7 course meal. It was literally art on a plate! Here are a few shots from the night.

You know that stupid face you make when you put on your makeup or fix your hair in the mirror? Well, this is mine below. I don’t even think I realized I did it, but Millie and Brandi informed me last week that this is what I do every time I look in the mirror

Thanks to all the ladies that came!!
Brandi Howard, Morgan Chunn, Jennifer Robison and her friend Leah, Katie May, Heather Land, Jessica Grammon, Melissa Breedlove, Kasey Stringer, Vanessa Diel, Jordan Smith & Kyla Branch!!

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