When we first learned we were going to adopt, naturally, I couldn’t wait to start decorating the room.  As we left our first meeting with Candice(birth mom), Kelly Boy specifically asked me to wait on decorating the room until AFTER all the papers were signed, and things were official.  Like a good wife, I agreed…..and then ignored him  I did wait until we were closer to Chapel’s birth before I began decorating her room, but I just couldn’t help myself!  For me, since I didn’t have the physical daily reminder of being pregnant, preparing the room was a way to mentally prepare myself for our newest addition.  It was a place I could go sit and really ponder the gravity of how our lives were about to change.  It was also good for Posey to see that things were changing, and show her that her sister had a special place in our home too.

It was when I was beginning to put ideas together for Chapel’s room that I first found Pinterest.  I would liken it to my first date with Kelly Boy, learning about SPANX, or holding my babies for the first time……Pinterest changed my life.  Seriously, I think it’s made me a better mom & better person!   Well, if not better, at least more crafty. You can see my pin board of Chapel’s room here.

Here are a few pics of Chapel’s room.  I hope you enjoy!


This wall color is “Different Gold” from Sherwin Williams.
I didn’t want anything that screamed, “BABY’S ROOM!”

This rug is from Dash & Albert, and is probably one of my favorite things in the room.

My sweet friend and long time sitter Maggie crafted this by hand.
It was so special, and so perfect for this room!

Julie Martin from Zozo Bug Baby(one of my favorite children’s clothing lines) made this amazing quilt as well as the bedding.

I made this garland from coffee filters & tissue paper.  I was also excited to find this modern rocker.  I thought it would transition well to the rest of the house once I didn’t need it in Chapel’s room anymore.

At Chapel’s baby shower, my dear friends gave me this beautiful canvas they had created.  It was a collage they had all pitched in to make for me.  It has so many little meanings from the old train at the bottom to the poem written on the back.  I cried!

I of course, first saw this idea on Pinterest.  I painted this canvas a gradient that when from white to dark pink.  Then I slit tiny holes in the canvas and poked christmas lights through.  It’s the perfect lamp for those late night feedings.

This photo was taken by my friend Katie May(2 suez photography).  She is soooooo talented, and has a true gift with newborns.  This frame is from The Organic Bloom.  I was so impressed by the quality!

These are my childhood books.  This photo is one I took of Candice(Chapel’s Birthmom) when she was about 7 months pregnant.

I purchased this little dresser from a local thrift store and repainted it.  I stenciled the front of the drawers and added these beautiful knobs from Anthropologie.  The pink frame is from The Organic Bloom

Poor Kelly Boy keeps getting kicked out of spaces in our home.  This was his study, but he willingly gave it up to make space for miss Chapel.  Since this bookshelf/desk from Ikea is very large, and I had no place else in the house to put it, we decided to repurpose it as a changing table.

I found this side table at the same local thrift store as the little dresser.
I painted & stenciled this as well.

These amazing metal letters came from Anthropologie.  Normally, Anthro is so expensive, but I thought these were a steal!!  They were less than $20 per letter, and make a very bold statement.