As many of you know, we have recently had a new addition to our family.  On August 15th, Chapel Augusta Clark came into this world and into our lives.  I’ve had so many people look at me kind of funny and say, “Did I miss something…I didn’t realize you were pregnant!?”  No, you didn’t miss anything, we have had the privilege of adopting Chapel.  This has been a lifelong dream of both Kelly and I, and I have been dying to tell you the whole story!

For months, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I could share this whole miraculous story with you.  When Life Choices of Ruston contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed for a video contest they wanted to enter,  a lightbulb went off in my head.  This led me to hire Still Motion, a VERY talented group of videographers, to come document our story.

The mini documentary they filmed will not be ready for another month or so, but they just finished editing the 3 minute version that we submitted for Focus on the Family’s “Face’s of Life” contest.  Patrick from still motion actually said he hated that we were watching the 3 minute version first because there are so many pieces of the story that weren’t able to be added due to the time limit of the contest.  Stay tuned in about a month or so for the full version.  I’m honored and humbled that God has allowed our family to be part of such an amazing experience.


For now, please visit Focus on the Family’s Facebook page to view and vote for our story.  Whether it is a woman who is having to make the difficult choice of going through with a pregnancy vs. abortion, or a family who is thinking of adopting, our hope is that through this video, people will be encouraged.   Please feel free to share this video with your friends and family.  You can also watch it on You Tube by clicking here