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We love camping… much that it’s been over 4 years since we’ve been!  In our defense, Posey hasn’t really been the most “camping friendly” child.  Kelly Boy and I decided we were going to take a 3 day weekend with just the two of us, so we decided to be adventurous and go camping!  It was a close race between us jet setting somewhere for fine dining and shopping OR all out rugged camping, but camping won.

You know those times where you feel the need to just listen?  Listen to God, to your own thoughts, and just listen to each other?  This was one of those weekends.  We decided to venture up to North Arkansas to the Ozark Mountains.  The leaves are amazing this time of year, and the weather was perfect for camping.  I have a bit of an addiction to fire, so we didn’t do much more than sit around our campfire and cook really delicious meals.  Being out in nature with no makeup or technology(I did cheat a little because we did have 3G, BUT I did leave my phone in the truck) is refreshing, and I challenge you ALL to do it from time to time.

Here are a few snapshots of our weekend.




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