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Calling all Seniors!!

Calling all Seniors!!

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’ve really been enjoying shooting seniors lately! As I grow and learn as a photographer, each year is different, and this year, I want to incorporate more senior sessions into my schedule. I love the fashion aspect that seniors bring to the table. Plus they are fearless(just like my brides), and fearless people = inspiring subjects!

I’m going to be scheduling senior portraits during the months of Febrary/March/April, so if you are a senior and want your senior portraits to be an experience to remember, call this week to make sure and get on our books! Slots available are limited, so don’t be a procrastinator!

Here is a quick rundown of the details:
Cost: $1000
This includes: An afternoon of shooting, 4 outfit changes, high res cd, hardback book of images, 3 months of online viewing
How soon do I need to book? You’ll need to book a minimum of 6 weeks before you want to shoot.
How long does it take from the time that we shoot to see my images? About a month.
If I make a print order, how long does it take to get them in? About 2 weeks.
How soon will I get my book? About 6 weeks after we shoot.
How soon will I get my digital negatives? About 4 weeks after we shoot.
What do I wear? I say HAVE FUN!! I love fun colors, fur, feathers, jewelry, hats, scarves, high heals, boots and bling!
What else do I bring? Bring anything that screams….YOU!!
When do I pay? You pay 1/2 when you book and 1/2 when we shoot.
Will we do a cap and gown photo? Only if you bring your cap and gown No blue backdrops here, though
What time do we start shooting? Usually around 3:00.
How long will it last? I have no idea….it depends on how much fun we’re having!
Where will we meet? I like to usually start at your house, so we can photograph you in your element. From there, we can go wherever. I’m open for anything.

If you have any other question, leave them in the comments, and I’ll answer them there!

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