Many of you know Brandi, my BFF, fake sister, office manager, life coach, 2nd mother to my child, and all around peach of a girl. She moved back to the Metropolis of Ruston in March of this year to work for me. Part of her benefits package is a life time supply of photography….as long as she laughs at all my jokes.
People think that we are sisters anyway, but I had to go and die my hair red. So to one up me, she went and got hers darker. Here are a few that I took behind the house today.
Props to my Brother Russell for doing our hair. If you need a good stylist, you can make an appointment with him at 318.255.3022

And of course, we had to take our, “Let’s take a picture of ourselves b/c we’re so vain, acting 21 but we’re really 30, always from a high angle so we look skinny” picture.