Welcome to our Blog Party!!  We will be celebrating the launch of our new blog on October 25, 26 & 27th by giving away LOTS of goodies!  Each day, there will be 3 lucky winners, and 3 GREAT prizes.  All 9 Winners will be announced via a blog post on Friday 28th at noon(CST).

Today’s Prizes:
Prize 1. The “LOOT”.  The 15 items you see listed below are today’s “Loot”(ONE person each day will win that day’s loot).
Prize 2. A Kelly Moore Bag of the winners choice AND a $100 Gift Card to Adorama.
Prize 3. A $100 gift card to Anthropologie


Instructions on how to enter

Prize 1. The “LOOT”:
Make the below statement your Facebook Status and/or Tweet the comment:

Facebook: “Kelly Moore Bag is having a Blog Party!! She’s giving away bags, gift cards and LOTS more!  Go check it out!”
“@kellymooreclark is having a Blog Party!! She’s giving away bags, gift cards & LOTS more! Go check it out:”


Leave us a fun comment on this blog post.
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*Winner will be chosen randomly from the comments on this blog post.  We will confirm that the winner did in fact Facebook and/or Tweet the status above)

Prize 2. A Kelly Moore Bag of the Winner’s Choice AND a $100 Gift Card to Adorama:
To enter to win, you must follow each of today’s vendors Twitter and/or Facebook(if provided), and leave them a nice comment.  Don’t forget to follow Adorama as well!
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Prize 3. $100 Gift Card to Anthropologie:
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*Winner will be chosen randomly from this days entries.
*We NEVER share your info with anyone!


Today’s “Loot”

1. Zozo Bug Baby


ZozoBugBaby offers artful and happy clothing, bedding and room decor for children!

Prize: We are giving away a signature ruffled teepee! A $250 value!

2. The Shoppe



As a photographer, the branding and look of your business is extremely important, especially in an industry selling something so visual! Designers Meghan Aileen of Meghan Aileen Photography and Rebecca Shostak of Wild Magnolia Design collaborate to create a library of finished designs and design elements that are specifically tailored toward the photography business to make your company look its best. Both Meghan and Becca have won multiple awards in graphic design and illustration and designed for some of the most well-known companies in the world.  From seasonal cards and design elements to signature action sets and texture packs, The Shoppe intends to have everything you need for your company’s branding.

Giveaway Item: $180 gift card to The Shoppe (can be used towards a la carte items or towards the purchase of a subscription)

3. Totally Rad Actions

Totally Rad

“The mad scientists at Totally Rad! make plug-ins, actions, and preset that help you deliver better photos faster. Their latest creation, RadLab, simplifies photo effects by offering image previews, a powerful rendering engine, and easy, unparalleled control. It lets you edit by thinking in pictures, not numbers. Retouching just got a whole lot more fun.”

Prize: 1 copy of Rad Lab!!

4.  Lens Baby



Lensbaby offers a system of lenses, optics and accessories designed to help you see – and photograph – your world in exciting new ways.  Our most popular lens, the Composer offers fantastic creative effects in a fun and easy-to-use package.

Prize: Lensbaby Composer

5.  Pascale Wowak: Nitty Gritty e-book



“If you have recently launched your own photography business or are about to, this e-book is exactly what you need to avoid making costly and time consuming mistakes.  It is for those of you who already have all the technical basics down and are ready to move onto the next step.  In order to get the most out of this e-book you should already have a solid understanding of such technical basics as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Composition, Focal Length and DOF.   This ebook is the follow up to my original “Getting Started” book (which covers all these above mentioned technical basics if that’s where you need to get started.)  The Nitty Gritty e-book covers everything you need to know in order to successfully launch and sustain your own photography business.  I delve into logo, branding, setting up your pricing, technical expertise, intelligent marketing, white balance, metering, understanding histograms, finding the light and (more importantly) SEEING the light, using reflectors and other tools of the trade to control the light as you want it, flash, post processing, RAW editing, calibration of your monitor, using actions correctly, establishing business forms, various FAQ’s, composition, preventing burn out, charity work, finding your style, copyright considerations, with plenty of links to great photography related articles and other websites and, essentially, just a whole lot of SOUND advice.   I’ve also included actual screen shot captures of my editing process with sample images to help illustrate the process for those of you who are very visual (like me).  It’s 50 PDF pages chock-full of valuable advice, expertise, images and information.”

Prize: Also, in addition to the giveaway, I’d like to offer all your readers a $24 off coupon code which brings the price down to $75 instead of $99.  The code they can use at checkout is: KMGIVEAWAY

6. Silla Soup


Etsy store:

Silla Soup says “NO!!” to boring old bows, glued on plastic flowers and mass produced garbage!!! Why spend your hard earned money on junk when you can get something handmade and totally original? Every detail of all my pieces have been made by me so they can be customized to your liking and can even be made into a headband, clip, or brooch/pin. Best yet, they are perfect for both mommy and her little girl!

Prize:  a little fox clip!

7. Stella & Dot




Stella & Dot is a jewelry line that people adore! The parties are like designer trunk shows, in your home, where women can indulge in a little style and friendship. I’m there to help guests try the jewelry and find the pieces that are right for them, whether their style is causal or dressy. Hostesses are generously rewarded.

Prize: The Soiree bracelet is one of our most popular.  It has glass pearls with a handset Czech crystal bauble and your choice of ivory, gray or brown.

8.  Sew Dashing


Sew Dashing products add that little extra something extra to your home, photos, wedding or special event.

Prize: Sew Dashing is giving away $25 to the shop!

9. Picture Perfect Baby Boutique



Picture Perfect Baby Boutique – Bringing you classy photography props to take your work to the next level.

Prize: The winner will get our creamy wonderland pack! Include 1 creamy cream, 1 cream and sugar headband, and 1 black and white attire bowtie! ($100 value!)

10. Little Big Girl Studios



My shop offers modern and functional handmade accessories for women and children. I love combining colorful fabrics and modern prints to create items that are original and fashion forward. Dress up your camera with a comfy, padded strap slip cover in fun, modern fabrics! My strap covers feature little details that add up to a quality product: a layer of padding for comfort, decorative top-stitching for durability and my favorite part: the lens cap pocket! Use the little pocket to stash your lens cap, memory cards, business cards, etc. Machine washable for easy care.

Prize: Winner gets their choice of any camera strap cover available in my shop!

11. J. Melcena



J. Melcena was founded in  memory of my grandmother, Jessie Melcena Williamson Hunter.  she taught me how to sew, cook, garden, pray, and live.  currently at j.melcena, i make original hand-tied scarves.  they can be customized to meet any need from child to adult in any color combo you can dream up. the way i see it, the more colors…the better!  these scarves are not only warm and stylish…they look great in photos!

Prize: This giveaway will be for a multi-colored scarf (my choice of colors) in either a child or adult size (your choice).  i am so excited to help Kelly celebrate the launch of her new blog and i wish you all the best of luck in this contest!

12. Belle J.J.’s Boutique


Belle JJ’s Boutique creates one of a kind hats, headbands, vintage clothing and much more.  Each item is created by me with your little Diva in mind.

Prize: baby beanie

13.  La Posh Style



Prize: La Posh Style is an online clothing boutique and they are giving away a $50 gift certificate!

14. Trendy Meg



TrendyMeg shop is geared for woman who like to add a little fun and color to the mundane chores in the kitchen or who want to look a bit stylish when entertaining guests. Started by Meagan a trendy girl from the midwest who not only loves to sew, but who is inspired by the little things in life. The fabric for each apron is hand selected and then sewn with love. A hand crafted flower is pinned on each apron as a reminder to stop and smell the roses! TrendyMeg would like to giveaway the “Tip Toe Through the Garden” pink and blue apron.

15.  Stamped Jewelry (Carolyn Spranger)


Prize: You will win one ‘photographer’s necklace’ or a necklace from my shop of equal or lesser value.  All my items are hand stamped letter by letter on sterling silver and the camera is carved by hand, no two will be the same.  Includes a 16″ sterling silver chain paired with the 1″ stamped camera pendant.  Good Luck!