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Big Gulp

On the way home from Dallas this week, Brandi and I stopped to fill up, and get a little sustenance for the road. As many of you know, I have a bit of a Diet Coke addiction(fountain, not can). Yes, I know it’s horrible for me. I’m planning on it being one of my next years, new years resolutions to quit. I was amazed, astonished, perplexed, & mortified all at once when I had to choose the size cup I wanted. They had a 64oz. fountain drink!!! I had to get it! I know they say everything is bigger in Texas, but this is a bit too much I got one just to document.

Also, here is our shirt for LOVE ADDICT. The shirt was totally worth coming for! Amii from “Trendy Expressions”, did and amazing job designing it!

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