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Back in Stock Notifications | Kelly Moore Bag

Back in Stock Notifications

Out of stock, again?!

As a small company we do our best to keep your favorite products on the shelf until they arrive at your door to make life just a little better.  Want to know a little secret?

It's hard work!

Managing stock is a crazy science that most big companies hire entire departments with fancy software to try and hit the ever moving target of the perfect stock level.  Too much stock keeps $ tied up and of course not enough means no sales and sometimes unhappy customers (sorry guys).

We order in small batches to keep our stock levels manageable and of course to make sure quality is top-notch.  We use your requests through our back in stock sign ups, sales history and hopeful thinking.   When a product does go out of stock, your sign-ups help us make sure we order enough on the next round. 

The great news for you is that if you sign up, we let you know before everyone else when it's back on our shelf. This is usually a few days ahead of our site-wide announcement.  This way you have a few days to order the bag you've been waiting for before everyone else does.

So help us help you... if you want to get something that is out of stock, would you go sign up so we can count you in our next order?  It's just that button below the price that says, "Email Me When Available."

Sometimes waiting is hard; we get it!  Once you've signed up it can be anywhere from 1 day to 90 before that product gets back on our shelf, depending on when you sign up.  There are many things that go into re-stocking a product like transit, quality inspection checks and customs fun. 

Thanks for rolling with the punches of a small & smart company.  Let us know what you want & we'll keep doing our best to get our amazing products in your hands!

Your Friend,





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